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How to make it to the wall of fame? 

First rule: don't ask. 

Come frequently enough so we know who you are and we'll reach out to you with the question if you want to get your picture taken. 

Can I pay with cash? 

No, we're sorry. You can pay with your card, credit card, maaltijdcheques,... tho.

Can I bring my dog?

YES please! We love dogs! Did you know we even have a dog bar? 

Are all the food and drinks vegan?

You can rest assured, everything is 100% vegan. 

Which milk do you use? 

We use oatmilk from Oatly. Simply the best! 

Is your food gluten-free? 

If you have any allergies, mention it to your barista. Some of our food is gluten- and/or sugar-free but not everything. So be sure to ask before you buy. 

Do you have caramel flavors? 


Whipped cream?


Are my kids welcome? 

They are but just keep in mind that the coffeebar is not a playground and people come here to relax and to work. 

Is there Wifi? 

There is and the password is zuidstationstraat. 

You're welcome. 

Can I drink wine all day? 

We start serving wine in the late afternoon. So no wine for breakfast I'm afraid. 

Are you open on bank holidays? 

We are open 7/7. Only exceptions are the 25th of December and the 1st of January. 

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