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Meet Vero

As a student, Vero was looking for something to get her through her exams and tried if coffee would help. 
And it absolutely did! After drinking coffee as a way to stay awake for a while, she began to appreciate it. 

She became a customer at Full Circle when we started as a pop-up close to her home.


As a vegan she loved the plantbased aspect and learned more about specialty coffee. Suddenly a vacancy opened up, Vero applied and that was the start of her new carrière. 
She started as a student in May 2017 and after she graduated in September 2018 she became a full time member of our team.

Vero loves to discover the planet, loves nature, is fascinated by plants, animals and interior design.
She is a proud catmom and has 3 rats. 

She also has roots in Riga, Letland, just like our colleague Nikita. 


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