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Meet Leslie


She had her first cup of coffee way back in 2006 (although it might be even earlier, if one counts coffee-bearing pastries like tiramisu). Leslie was attending her first music festival. After a beautiful night she wanted to watch the sun rise with someone she met. Pretty tired from all the music and dancing, that required an energy boost, so they decided to have some caffeine. At the time the sunrise went down way better than the coffee. 


While studying fine arts in Ghent, she noticed that there was a vacancy at Full Circle Coffee, not in the least because the coffee bar was, like she, decidedly vegan. Under the expert guidance from the owner, Leslie learned to appreciate coffee more than she could ever imagine. 


By now, she is a proud barista, that also shares her knowledge and experience with respect to healthy nourishment of mind and body: she gives nutrition workshops and teaches movement classes. The latter are a combination of yoga, pilates and dance fitness. You can follow Leslie on Instagram.

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