Meet Leslie.

Leslie’s first coffee dates back to the year of 2006, and possibly earlier with a number of tiramisu and other coffee-bearing pastries surrounding her first intake. She remembers it was at her first festival. After a heavenly night, she wanted to watch the sunrise with someone she just met that night. But to stick to that plan she needed a quick energy boost, so they decided to get a caffein hit. It wasn’t tasty at all she confessed, but she experienced a beautiful sunrise. 


During her studies in fine arts, an open vacancy passed by at Full Circle. In meaning of coffee in a vegan atmosphere she didn’t hesitate for not even a second and applied for it. Not a surprise because Leslie is always in the mood for delicious plantbased food and great coffee. 


Besides turning our great beans into a divine elixir, Leslie also has the love to share her knowledge and experiences about nourishing the mind and body by nutrition workshops and movement classes based on yoga, pilates and dance fitness. Follow her on insta to stay tuned. 



mo - fri : 8am - 7pm

sa : 9am - 7pm

su : 10am - 7pm

Zuidstationstraat 5

9000 Ghent

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