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Meet Nikita.

Nikita's story is quite different than any other. 
The first time she really enjoyed a cup of coffee was while she was living in Latvia. She was skipping school and needed a place to stay warm so she went to a local coffee bar. She ordered a coffee because she didn't really knew what else. Fun fact: she didn't have enough money on her and didn't know what to do. Luckily the barista was super kind and offered her a free coffee. That's when she fell in love with coffee and the vibe around it. 

In 2014 she moved to Amsterdam to study violin at the Conservatory. Coffee will always be her second passion next to music so she wanted to do something she loved and started working at Starbucks. 

After a year Nikita moved to Belgium and worked at a small shop/coffeebar for 3 years. After that it was time for Nikita to start working at her favorite local coffeebar... you guessed it, Full Cirlcle.

At this moment she's getting her master in classical Violin; loves to sing and make music in general.
She speaks 5 languages (Russian, Latvian, English, Dutch & Japanese) and is fascinated by people. 

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