Meet Billie:

Billie is our mascotte. She is a super duper cute Jack Russell who is adopted by our barista Anaïs. 
Billie loves to jump on people's lap and cuddle. Don't be afraid of her because she is absolutely harmless. 
This little cutie had a rather difficult childhood.. she got neglected and has been through a lot. She got rescued and Anaïs gave her a warm forever home. They spend every moment together and Billie joins her for work most of the time. 

As much as Billie looooooves food, please don't feed her! She will love you for who you are and gets enough food at home. If you really wanna give her a treat, ask our staff (we have cookies for good boys 'n' girls). 


Dogs are more than welcome in our bar so we would be happy if you bring your friend along. Billie loves to make new