Meet Anaïs.

Anaïs started as a regular in our bar. She came here on a daily base to fill her takeaway cup with a double shot latte before work. After a while she became more and more passionate about the coffee culture and had her first experience as a barista for Full Circle at Ieperfest. Few months after the festival she decided to work as a flexi barista on top of her deskjob. A year went by untill she decided that she loved being a barista more than spending her time behind the desk. So now she works with us as a full time barista and our social media manager. 


Next to making a good cup of coffee she is also a photographer and runs her own macramé webshop:


You can hire her for a fotoshoot or an event and many more, check her photography website here

Don't worry if you don't recognize her because she changes her haircolor from time to time.